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Whitney Cranshaw presentations from 2024 AMTOPP Conference

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Yellowstone Arboretum

Quarterly Newsletter

AMTOPP Winter 24 Newsletter


Whitney Cranshaw
Colorado State University
Whitney presented four talks during the 2024 AMTOPP Conference.

He was kind enough to provide us with the power points for all four talks and gave AMTOPP permission to post them on our website.

You can click here to download a PDF version of each talk.

Post-Retirement Research/Outreach Interests
During my 37 year career at Colorado State I pursued a broad based research program largely related to Integrated Pest Management of all arthropods affecting horticultural commodities in Colorado, particularly vegetables, shade trees, turfgrass and specialty crops. In retirement it is my intention to continue to work on entomology related projects of all sorts, related to things that most interest me. These include, but are by no means limited to, biological control of Japanese beetle, pin oak kermes/drippy blight, and hemp entomology.

For the near future

I also will be maintaining listserv discussion groups (ornaent, pesterv-l) websites (Insect Information Website, Hemp Insect Website) and Extension fact sheets related to entomology. I will be open to continue doing programs – in-person always preferred, but online as needed; contact me by email to discuss this.  For the most part I am planning to work on various long delayed writing projects including publications related to regional household insects, hemp insects and their management, and (ultimately), with Boris Kondratieff, a review of all the insects of Colorado.

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