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Trees are living organisms, and they need care to grow to their full potential. Healthy trees live longer and are more hardy against various environmental assaults. In urban areas, which include city streets and suburban yards, trees experience more environmental challenges than trees in large forested areas.

Evaluate and monitor the health of your trees as a part of your regular home maintenance routine. Just as one would repair a broken window, homeowners should care for the ongoing health of trees. 

Therefore, trees require care on a regular basis such as watering and pruning. The age of a tree does not make a difference as environmental concerns play a huge part in the health of your trees. There are many reasons to prune all trees whether young or old and we've outlined some common situations that you may have to deal with during the life of your tree:

  • Maintain safety (reducing risk of failure)

  • Improve tree health and structure

  • Provide clearance

  • Reduce shade and wind resistance

  • Influence flower and fruit production

  • Improve aesthetics

  • Improve a view

  • Remove water/sucker sprouts

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