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FireSafe Montana (WUI)


About FireSafe
FireSafe Montana is a private, non-profit organization coordinating and supporting a statewide coalition of diverse interests working together to help Montanans make their homes, neighborhoods, and communities fire safe.

FireSafe Montana actively encourages and assists in the development of local FireSafe councils across the state. These councils are key to raising public awareness of local wildland fire threats and issues, motivating residents to take positive action, and providing access to the expertise and resources homeowners need to get the job done. When people take personal responsibility for applying and maintaining Firewise practices on their property, they greatly increase the chances of their homes surviving a wildfire.

Through its public information programs and materials, website, newsletter, and special events, as well as its active involvement in federal, state, and local fire mitigation efforts, FireSafe Montana is working hard to reduce the potential loss of life and property from wildfire in Montana.


To assemble diverse interests in a coalition that will work together on solutions to reduce the loss of lives and property from the threat of fire in and around Montana communities.

Mobilize Montanans to make their homes, neighborhoods, and communities fire safe.


One of our first goals is to assist in the formation and development of local FireSafe Councils across the State of Montana. FireSafe councils work throughout the state to address neighborhood wildland fire threats. These councils help provide the awareness, motivation, expertise, and resources that will help Montana communities survive wildland fire.

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