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Individuals: Fill out the registration below, submit and receive thank you, then use payment option  or go to the MUCFA Store to purchase.

Registration - 2023 Tree Board Workshops                       *Required Information


* Who will you be representing ?  (ie Tree Board, community, company, MUCFA, DNRC, etc.) Answer above

List team members above if required.

Dietary restrictions? Any other comments:

(Day 1 - Part 1) Growing Greener Communities Workshop $25 |  (Day 2 - Part 2) Growing Greener Communities Workshop and (Day 2 - Part 1) Dig a Little Deeper Workshop $50

Both Workshops $75 includes Growing Greener Communities Workshop (Day 3 - Part 2) 

DAY 1-Workshop

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DAY 2 - Workshops

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Information about Freezout Lake (Day 3 after workshop) can be found at the following address:

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